Thursday, November 6, 2008

A final word to the "anonymous" smearers from the McCain campaign

I would like to ignore the recent smearing from inside the McCain campaign and close that chapter and move on. However, I don't believe for a second that they're done. I'm sure they're talking with publishers about book deals, to be strategically released two or three years from now - in order to hurt Palin all the more in her bid for the nomination. So, I'll write one final word to them.

To the smearers:

You thought you were so clever by infiltrating the campaign, earning the trust of McCain and Palin and then telling lies about her mere hours after the campaign was over. You are so original - not. You've only done what countless other traitors, backstabbers and gutless human beings have done since the dawn of time. Now you have revealed yourself and it ain't pretty. We can see your true colors, and more importantly, Palin sees your true colors.

You of all people should know Palin's character. You know this just gives her more strength to overcome whatever you plan to do to her. What can you say about her that hasn't been said in the past few months? What more can you say about her that would be more damaging that what the main stream media has put her through these past few months?

I have news for you: people like Palin, a lot. They like her so much they see her as future of the Republican Party. Republicans who have been disgruntled with their party for years saw new life in her. And despite the media hell she was put through her ticket garnered over 56 Million votes.

You revealed your hand. You made a very stupid mistake. You underestimate Palin. You did what numerous of her former opponents warned against. Do you really think over 56 Million people are going to believe you and your tripe after seeing what she's already been through? Did you happen to notice how magnificently well Palin overcame the intense media scrutiny when she had no preparation? You just gave her years of preparation for whatever you'll do thanks to your impatience to attack her.

You are a joke and a pathetic excuse for a human being. I pity you. What you did, and plan to do, says more about you, than it does her.

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