Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I hope you have a very safe, happy and festive Season. If you're traveling, please be careful. I'll be taking about a week off so I'll see you back here in the New Year!


Northern Exposer said...

Hi Adrienne.

Wow. What a complement. Most of the work of that post was Goldberg's. It was his research. I did do some (such as reading Mein Kampf years ago-what a chore it was finding a copy of that) but the credit goes to him.

Write a book? You're the second person to say that. Someone at work said the same thing. About work, last night I had to defend Palin yet again about the "she's an idiot" crap. You know, they (yes they, outnumbered again) even spouted out the "$100,000 wardrobe," "I can see Russia from my house," She didn't know Africa was a continent," She couldn't answer what papers she reads," and yup, "she burned books in Alaska"-yes, not just banned, but burned. Unbelievable.

Why do the MSM-induced lies keep surviving? Ever get that frustrated when you just want to club these people over the head with a nice, big fat logic log?
Well, "it was on the news," so it's true.

They even threw in the Republican are racists bit. D'OH!

Ah, well. The fight goes on.

Great post.
Merry Christmas!

Adrienne said...

Hi N.E.,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Yes, I totally think you should write a book. You did such a great job explaining how Goldberg's theories applied to this most recent election/Obama and really connected the dots. Most people can't do that and it was awesome to read it all explained like that.

I completely agree with you about MSM and how people are so blind to just follow whatever's on the news or in the paper. People don't do their own research or make their own decisions anymore. It's frustrating. The Palin-bashers outnumber me at my work, too! I'm so sick of them reliving Tina Fey's SNL skits. They always do Fey's "pageant walk" around me. Ugh.

Happy New Year :)


The Muse said...

love those pics!