Monday, January 12, 2009

The embarrassing stupidity of Hollywood

Hollywood award shows are the platform that brainless, airhead actors use to plug their unfounded, un-researched political beliefs. I used to get upset at the acceptance speeches-turned-political-diatribes but now it's just laughable. Take for instance, last night's Golden Globes.

Tom Hanks had a gem of a comment last night regarding Prop 8 passing. "It's un-American." Yeah. The state of California passes laws by proposition, these are laws the citizens vote on. Whatever is the majority vote, wins, and becomes the law. How exactly is that not American? He added: "You put some good commercials on the air, you can convince anybody of anything." He's referring to some commercials paid for by the Morman Church in support of Prop 8. Not only is Hanks is apparently against free speech, but against the right to support propositions of your choosing. He also fails to recognize that his beloved Barack Obama is against gay marriage, and Prop 8 was passed largely by blacks and Hispanics. His little dig "you can convince anybody of anything" reeks of elitism, and his view that the citizens of California are just idiots who will vote for whatever is on TV.

Laura Dern (remember her from Jurassic Park? Yeah, didn't think so) decided to take a jab at Sarah Palin. Wow - that's a shocker. Who is Laura Dern again, and why is she at this awards show?

Anne Hathaway is upset that Obama picked Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Inauguration and wants him to "explain that choice." It's amazing to me how the people who thought nothing was wrong with Rev. Jeremiah Wright are now up-in-arms mad about Rick Warren.

I know there are actors who are passionate about their work, and the art of movies and plays. The dolts who parade around Hollywood spewing their political beliefs give real actors a bad name. I don't think artists should use their stage as a political platform. It takes away from the purpose of the art and it's a slap in the face to the people who paid good money to see their movies and bought their albums.

Hanks, Dern Diss Prop 8 and Palin at Globes
Sun., Jan. 11, 2009 5:42 PM PST by

Heath Ledger's win wasn't the only thing that got stars emotional backstage at the Globes Prop 8 did it, too!

"It's un-American,"
Tom Hanks, who nabbed a Globe for producing the terribly popular John Adams, told me. I asked Hanks, one of the Biz's most politically astute members, why he thought the gay-marriage-banning proposition had passed, helped largely by huge sums of media money funneled through the pro-Prop 8 Mormon church. "You put some good commercials on the air," deadpanned (accurately) the two-time Oscar winner, "you can convince anybody of anything."

Hanks was adamant that the Prop should be overturned by the California Supreme Court and that folks should be able to marry who they wish. "Love is love," he twinkled with a knowing fire. Amen, bro.

Also feeling some political oats was Laura Dern. Seconds after winning her Golden Globe for playing overly made-up Katherine Harris in HBO's Recount, Laura said that other mascara addict Sarah Palin should get lost. But she was very polite about it!

When I asked Dern, svelte in Marc Jacobs, what course would she suggest for the infamous recent veep candidate, she at first lampooned the abuse of the word "rogue" in connection with Palin. Then she laid down the benevolent law: "I wish much happiness for Sarah Palin and her family," Dern professed with a killer half smile, which she obviously perfected playing the not-so-genuine Harris.

"In Alaska."

Message received loud 'n' clear, Laura-love. And congrats!


Northern Exposer said...

Hey, Adrienne.

Greeeaaat post. I usually give Hanks a pass because of his respect of the troops, but really this is no different than Jack Black and John C. O'Reilly's little play about Prop 8.

It also reminds me of all the idiots the world over who claim the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (which I believe to be one war-two fronts) are illegal, conveniently forgetting that Congress voted to give Bush the power. Same thing here. As you mentioned, people (mostly blacks and Hispanics-the same demographic that voted for Obama, go figure) gave their vote to traditional marriage, now that it didn't go their way, they're drowning in sour grapes.

"It's Un-American?" You covered that well, nuff said.

Adrienne said...

I totally agree with you. And I usually give Hanks a pass, too, because I love all his movies and think he's a great actor. But the "un-American" thing really bothered me and his shots at Mormans.

OMG I forgot about the play! It was just ridiculous! And I used to love Jack Black. It was strange seeing him do that stupid play.