Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Palin discusses her treatment by MSM

First, I'll say that I'm really happy Palin is coming out and saying something about this. In addition to this article, and the interview she did with John Ziegler, which I'll write about shortly, she says some really good things. I'm glad she's getting it out of the way now, before Obama is sworn in and long before campaigning for 2012 starts. I believe she's saying to the media that she's ready for them next time because she'll be calling the shots and she'll be prepared. I'm glad she's also mentioning that the McCain camp really tied her hands with what she was allowed to say and it looked bad for her. I really support her defending herself.

Palin slams 'bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie'
January 13, 2009
Posted: 11:00 AM ET

(CNN) — Sarah Palin fired a new salvo in her war on the media, unloading in a new interview on her home state paper and “bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie.”

The Alaska governor, who has granted a steady stream of interviews since Election Day, also told an Esquire reporter that she wishes she had told McCain campaign advisors she’d be “callin’ some of the shots.”

"Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me….I'll tell you, yesterday the Anchorage Daily News, they called again to ask — double-, triple-, quadruple-check — who is Trig's real mom,” she said, in an interview to be published in the magazine’s March issue.

“And I said, Come on, are you kidding me? We're gonna answer this? Do you not believe me or my doctor? And they said, No, it's been quite cryptic the way that my son's birth has been discussed. And I thought, Okay, more indication of continued problems in the world of journalism."

But Palin said she had adopted a philosophical attitude on the downside of the spotlight. "You have to let it go,” she said. “Even hard news sources, credible news sources — the comment about, you can see Russia from Alaska. You can! You can see Russia from Alaska. Something like that — a factual statement that was taken out of context and mocked — what you have to do is let that go."

The former Republican vice presidential candidate said again she regretted not taking a greater leadership role during the campaign season. "If I were giving advice to myself back on the day my candidacy was announced, I'd say, Tell the campaign that you'll be callin' some of the shots,” she said. “Don't just assume that they know you well enough to make all your decisions for ya. Let them know that you're the CEO of a state, you're forty-four years old, you've got a lot of great life experience
that can be put to good use as a candidate."

Despite a season of barbs aimed at the coastal elites, Palin seemed to offer an olive branch to the Big Apple: "I would think we all tear up during the national anthem at the beginning of a baseball game, don't we? That's an alikeness between Alaskans and New Yorkers," she said.


Northern Exposer said...

Oh my God. a professional, intelligent, strong, independent woman asserting herself? Oh the horrors!

The left and MSM's obvious hatred and fear of this woman is what is keeping her in the spotlight, me thinks. Like I've said, she's obviously a woman to be reckoned with and they KNOW it.

Did she own Couric or what? I know the MSM would have eviscerated her even more, but I wish she would have said all this in her interviews with Couric and Gibson. I really wish she would have knocked the glasses off of Gibson's snobby face.

Man, I can't wait for 2012.

Adrienne said...

Preach it! ;)