Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Palin is happy to support new Administration

Of course, many people were asking Palin how she felt about the new Administration, especially because she could have been sworn in as VP yesterday. Classy as usual, she is not bitter and supports Obama, and the American people for electing him.

From Anchorage to D.C., Alaskans embrace change Alaska's News Source
by Rebecca Palsha
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- From the nation's capital to The Last Frontier, the celebration over America's new president spilled into Tuesday's evening hours.

Many Alaskans were thrilled to witness the inauguration first-hand in Washington, D.C. and many more equally thrilled to watch it with friends and fellow supporters of Barack Obama here in town.

The Alaska Democratic Party hosted the Anchorage Inaugural Celebration at the Anchor Pub and Club downtown.

Everything started around 7 p.m. -- about 11 hours after Obama was sworn in -- and the party was still going strong into the 10:00 hour.

"When I saw today it was like, ‘Oh thank God! This is a day to celebrate and to remember,'" Obama supporter Judy Boisson said. "This is history."

And while Alaskans in Anchorage celebrated the new president, hundreds more witnessed the historic event up close and personal -- like Laura Fitzgerald-O'Neal, an 8th grade teacher at Central Middle School and more than 100 students from Anchorage.

"There was a really great, energetic feeling," Fitzgerald-O'Neal said via phone from Washington. "Even though we were crammed together like sardines, people were laughing and cheering and it was a really neat experience."

There were also the Colony High band and Barrow's Surrimmanitchuat Eskimo Dance Group performing in front of millions, including the new president himself.

Back in Alaska, even his former rival, Gov. Sarah Palin offered her support for the Obama presidency. Palin ran for vice president on the Republican ticket with Sen. John McCain.

"It's sweet, it's not bittersweet because I know there is purpose in everything and the American people have spoken," Palin said Monday. "I'm not going to underestimate the wisdom of the people. They have chosen their new leader, their new administration. And my job is to support the new administration, and I'm happy to do it."

A happy time for many, and a new beginning for America.

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