Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

Yesterday we welcomed a new President. I was thinking about how much I love inaugurations. I love it when our President is sworn in, the person we elected. A symbol of Democracy in action. I love it because we are one of the few countries where the citizens can directly elect their President.

[Disclaimer: I feel the same way about Republican inaugurees.] I have mixed emotions regarding the inauguration yesterday. There certainly was a lot of "pomp" to celebrate the day. I really don't like to celebrate someone who hasn't done anything yet (including Republicans). On the other hand, it was a demonstration of Democracy and freedom, as I said above.

As it was noted, yesterday's was the most expensive inauguration in history - by a long shot. It seems we have gone too far in celebrating this symbol of Democracy. I think a simple swearing in ceremony, a few speeches and an evening Ball would suffice - for a Republican or Democrat. I don't think Obama had much to do with the celebrations and concerts, etc. I think it really did take on a life of its own after the planning started and most of it was out of his hands, so I'm not saying this about him. I'm saying it about the planners, MSM, celebrities and attendees that let it get out of control.

The President serves us, we elected him and he must work for us - to keep us safe, and make good decisions for us. Yesterday it looked like we were supposed to be serving him. It's hard to explain, but it seemed to cross a line. The celebrities and musicians over the past three days advised us to take an oath to serve him and help him succeed. It just had an air about it that I was uncomfortable with. We voted for him and that's enough. He has the job, we don't. If he's good at his job, we'll elect him again.

This is all just my rambling opinion and thoughts I had yesterday. Of course I will give him a chance and face the next months and years with an open mind. The celebration yesterday just left me with an uneasy feeling.

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