Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stay classy, Left

Yesterday I walked into work to see and hear my cubemate live-streaming inauguration coverage from MSNBC loudly. She could have at least worn headphones. She streamed it all day. A large group of people from my work group went to a conference room for a formal "Obama watching party," using company time and company TVs.

I remember the harsh, cruel words of MSM toward President Bush over the last eight years. I remembered when angry Democrats pelted his limo with eggs on his inauguration. If a Republican did that yesterday to Obama's limo, all of MSM would have had a collective heart attack. For eight years, people have been mercilessly cruel to the man who kept us safe and liberated 50 million people from evil regimes.

Yesterday there was massive celebrating and many, many "in-your-face" rubbing it in type behaviors. There were many cheap shots taken at Bush from not only MSM, but also Obama during his speech and in the White House website makeover.

I guarantee that if I had streamed inauguration coverage all day at work for a McCain inauguration - I probably would have been fired. I'm not exaggerating. But it's perfectly okay if the President being sworn in is a Democrat.

Sometimes the Left is just not classy. Their image is not one of class and grace. They throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way and rub it in your face when they do get their way. All of this behavior is rarely exhibited by the Right, save for a few fringe individuals. Not only is that behavior rare, but completely unacceptable. Did you see any Republicans pelting eggs at Obama's limo? How was the MSM coverage of Obama's inauguration compared to Bush's?

This is how the Left said goodbye to President Bush. Very classy, indeed. How respectful they are. Notice how the MSNBC talking heads didn't say anything about the crowd? I think I even heard Keith Olbermann stifle a laugh.

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