Monday, March 9, 2009

The hypocrisy of the Left (ongoing)

Democrats love to accuse Republicans of bringing religion into policy. In the case of government funding for stem cell research and abortions, Democrats are the ones bringing religion into it. Actually, bringing religion into it" is too polite. I should say "shoving it down our throats."

Most fiscal conservatives and some Republicans do not support the government funding of those practices. Those practices are entirely legal, but we highly object to taxpayer funding of them. Regarding the practices themselves, of course most Republicans believe that they should be illegal. But since they are not, we respect the democratic process. Roe v. Wade was adopted in 1973 and we've had several Republican presidents since then, none of whom tried to overturn it.

Democrats, though, not only want to pass laws that a significant number of people find morally reprehensible, but make you pay for their practice. If we just let the laws be and let people live their lives - citizens could still engage in those activities. They can still do embryonic stem cell research, they can still have abortions. Same with contraception - you can still buy it for yourself and have casual sex all you want, but we don't need the government handing all of that out for free. We're not stopping them, nor trying to. But engaging is where some people draw the line in their own lives. They don't want to participate and that's their choice. Sometimes it's a religious choice. Sometimes it's a moral choice. But if you want to participate, you can. Republicans are not trying to take any laws away, only the funding and pork incentives for engaging in their practice. I truly believe this is a good compromise between the parties.

By granting taxpayer money for these things Obama is bringing religion into it, because as people with religious beliefs, we have to examine how we spend our money. If we spend our money to support something we don't believe in on a religious basis, it effects our standing in the church and our moral being. If you spend money to support it, some believe that is akin to engaging in it yourself. All of this could be avoided if we just didn't allow government funding for these issues, yet Obama is forcing you to deny your religious beliefs. In that sense, government is bigger than religion.

In the case of stem cell research, scientists have found adult stem cell research to be as effective if not moreso, than embryonic stem cell research. That type of research is not morally reprehensible to anyone, and both parties can agree on that. And with abortions, many who are opposed believe the practice will eventually stagger off if we raise stronger, more responsible, children who become adults and make healthy decisions about their sex lives and moral character. But President Hope and Change doesn't care about your moral convictions. He's going to force you to pay for his beliefs.

In this "economic crisis" that Obama continually says exists, he forcing taxpayers to contribute their precious hard-earned money to a cause they consider to be morally reprehensible and against their religion. Where's the compromise? Why is he focusing on these issues when we're fighting two wars and in an economic crisis? The only reason I can gather is that he's simply trying to increase his power as much as possible, and enact as many socialist policies before he's elected out in 2012.

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