Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Palin fights corrupt Alaska politics again

Last year when Palin ran for vice president, Alaska state Senator Kim Elton led the charge to hurt Palin as much as possible through the "abuse of power" investigation, Troopergate. Palin was eventually cleared of all charges. It was a completely unsubstantiated and unnecessary investigation and Elton knew that; he and his cronies just wanted to hurt Palin's chances and smear her image.

For his smear work, Elton was rewarded by Obama with a seat in the Obama administration.

The story doesn't end there. By law, Palin must choose a democrat to fill his vacated Senate seat. The democratic leaders in Juneau got together and submitted one name, one name!, to fill his seat. The person who they chose is Kim Elton's pal and crony in Troopergate, Beth Kerttula. This group of democrats are really showing their true colors aren't they? They're not even trying to hide their corrupt political processes anymore. They are desperate to take Palin down.

Palin blindsided them yesterday when she announced she's not accepting the Kerttula nomination. She reached out to all democrats to send her applications to fill the seat. She circumvented the corrupt leaders in Juneau. Go Sarah!

What is it with these Alaska politicians? They played dirty politics in the Supreme Court nomination, forcing Palin to choose either a pro-choice candidate or a wackaloo environmentalist, and now the corruption with this vacated Senate seat. I see extreme jealousy on the part of these Alaska Democrats and Republicans. They really can't stand that she doesn't play the corrupt political games they do and has such a high approval rating. They want to take her down.

Here's the latest from the ADN Alaska politics blog.

Palin wants more choices for state Senate appointment (Updated)

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Posted: March 9, 2009 - 4:44 pm
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From Sean Cockerham in Juneau –

Gov. Sarah Palin isn’t satisfied with Beth Kerttula being the only choice offered for the state Senate seat vacated when Juneau Democrat Kim Elton left to take a job in the Obama administration.

So she’s asking for others interested in the job to send her an application.

“We know there are many qualified Alaskans who would fill this post enthusiastically,” Palin said in a written statement.

Kerttula’s was the only name Juneau Democratic leaders sent Palin to consider for the appointment.

It’s traditional, but not required, for governors to follow the party recommendation when filling an open seat in the Legislature. But Palin’s press office said it’s also recent tradition for political parties to send three names for a governor to choose from -- and that didn’t happen here.

(UPDATE -- There were at least three names submitted by the Republican party for consideration when Palin appointed Wes Keller to the Legislature, when Frank Murkowski appointed Dan Ogg, Nick Stepovich, Charlie Huggins and Gary Stevens, as well as when Tony Knowles appointed Ben Stevens.)

Kerttula has been very critical of Palin since her run last year as Republican nominee for vice president.

Palin spokesman Bill McAllister said this doesn’t mean Palin won’t pick Kerttula, just that the governor wants more choices. McAllister said the governor’s office has already received more than two dozen unsolicited recommendations and applications for the Senate seat.

Palin is taking applications until Friday. At that point, McAllister said the governor’s office will release the names of the applicants.

Palin has until April 1 to choose a replacement for Elton.

Juneau Democratic Chair Kim Metcalfe said she was very disappointed in Palin’s call for more names. She said Kerttula, who represents downtown Juneau and Douglas Island in the state House, was the overwhelming choice of Juneau Democrats for the Senate appointment.

“Beth Kerttula was head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of her length of service, in terms of her readiness to step into the position,” Metcalfe said.

Metcalfe said parties don't always give three names to a governor to choose from.

Palin has to pick a registered Democrat from Juneau for the seat and she needs a majority of Democrats in the state Senate to approve her choice.

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Cany said...

Actually, she was not cleared of all charges of board investigating boards. One cleared her, the other did not.