Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AK Legislature approves federal stimulus money unanimously

Now we wait to see if Palin will veto any of it. I hope she will. This vote actually gives us a better view of the "Republicans" in the legislature.

This is from "Republican" Rep. Mike Hawker:

"The federal economic stimulus package can do a lot of good for Alaskans without growing government," said House Finance Co-Chair Mike Hawker of Anchorage. "If we fail to accept these funds, they will largely be re-allocated to other states.

"After an extensive review and hours of public hearings, the House could not find any significant strings attached to the money -- other than that we carefully account for how we spend it and what we accomplish with it," Hawker said. "The strict accounting and reporting requirements of the federal aid are good things, not reasons to walk away from putting this money into Alaska's economy."
Mike Hawker needs to examine himself if he thinks those are Republican ideals. If my representative were saying those things I would definitely not vote for him next election. He needs to remember that his constituency voted for a Republican. MSM loves to quote him. He's quoted in almost every anti-Palin piece I read. He must think he's getting his name out there but he just looks like he's a jealous anti-Palin power freak.

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