Monday, April 13, 2009

Palin compromises on abortion bill

In order to get the bill passed, Palin made a compromise. She originally wanted girls under 17 to have parental permission before getting an abortion. Please note that they would still be legal to get an abortion, just with parental consent.

However, the AK Democrats still didn't think that was enough. They want those girls to get abortions no matter what and make it as easy as possible. No matter that they're not old enough to drink or smoke cigarettes. No matter if they're still living with their parents and subject to parental rules in all other matters. No matter that at that young age, it would be beneficial to have parents' advice on big decisions. No matter at all.

Palin compromised and said that she's willing to drop the parental permission as long as parents are at least notified.

Governor softens her stand on abortion permission bill

Gov. Sarah Palin told reporters on Friday she's willing to compromise on a bill that would require parents to give their permission before girls under age 17 could get an abortion.

In a wide-ranging news conference in her Juneau office, Palin said she's willing to drop the requirement for consent and accept a bill that would just require parents to be notified about their teenager's plan to have an abortion.

Palin said late last month she was not interested in the compromise.

But she said Friday it's clear to her now that's the only way to possibly get the bill passed, with just nine days left in the 2009 session of the Legislature.

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