Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Palin will not headline GOP dinner

There was some confusion over whether or not Palin would be speaking at a Republican fundraiser, the Senate-House Dinner on June 8. Numerous reports said she was, but SarahPAC said she wasn't. MSM took the opportunity to say that there were communication issues between her and her PAC. I personally think she told them no from the beginning and the GOP kept saying she would speak to drum up interest and turnout. It's not the first time someone has tried to piggyback off her success.

I think she did the right thing by staying in Alaska until the end of the legislative session.
Palin out as headliner for GOP dinner
15 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is out, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is in as keynote speaker at a Republican dinner this spring.

The party's 2008 nominee for vice president, Palin had been slated to address the annual Senate-House Dinner on June 8, which is sponsored by the House and Senate Republican campaign committees. Instead, she will be replaced by Gingrich.

A spokesman for the Senate GOP committee, Brian Walsh, says Palin's team informed the committees that her responsibilities in Alaska prevented her from committing until the end of the legislative session.

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