Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OT - Jerry Taylor is annoying

Jerry Taylor has been an antagonistic pesky little troll on The Corner. Today's post really put me over the edge. He told readers not to look at the web ads featured on The Corner's own site - specifically the web ads for Pickens Plan. In his usual condescending, holier-than-thou, better-than-you tone, he said anyone who supports Pickens Plan is drinking kool-aid and needs to seek help.

Wow - way to cut down readers and not foster a discourse on energy policy. Good for you, Jerry Taylor. His post completely undermines the purpose of The Corner, which is to highlight and debate policy issues.

Ignore Those Pickens Ads [Jerry Taylor]

I notice that T. Boone Pickens has sprung for a bunch of ads today at NRO which inveigh upon you all to "Tell Congress You Support the Pickens Plan."

Please don't.

For the short version of the case against Pickens's particular brand of corporate welfare, go here and here. For longer discussions of the issues in play, go here regarding oil imports and national security), here (regarding renewable energy and wind power), and here (regarding what both theory and practice has to say about the alleged problems identified by Pickens and the solutions he proposes for the same).

I know that some conservatives have dipped their cup in Pickens's punch-bowl of policy Kool-Aid. To those of you who have, I have a suggestion — seek analytical help.
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If you remember, he used the same tactic on his hit piece on Sarah Palin, and he's done it numerous times since then on other subjects. On the off chance that his collegues question him - he turns up the aggression even more. He's not a good debator at all.

He has issues with Pickens Plan. I would love to hear them without finger pointing. My guess from reading his bio at CATO is that he's been paid lots of money from Big Oil to write case studies saying "Big Oil is great!" If you look at his bio you'll see the gems he's written. It's probably why he hates Palin so much, because she's doesn't bow down to Big Oil and does what's best for the consumer.

From his tone, he comes off as kind of an extreme Libertarian who doesn't like government involvement in anything - or he's some sort of anarchist who loves chaos and no structure. That would explain telling people not to look at ads for his own site that Pickens Plan paid lots of money for - ads that allow him to use The Corner as a platform. I can't really tell what Jerry Taylor stands for because he just cuts people down all the time without any substantial argument on his part. All I know is I'm sick of him and he's no friend to Republicans or anybody. How he got a gig at CATO is beyond me.

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Northern Exposer said...

Great, great post Adrienne. I totally agree, this Taylor cat is just that much more than annoying. He IS condescending. But what self-involved, ignorant Lib isn't?

I think I'd rather read Arianna Huffington or Maureen Dowd.

Whoops, sorry. Almost lost my head there for a second.

And I didn't know that her skipping the Senate House dinner was her idea. When I first heard she wouldn't be attending, I thought it was some Republican big-wig that got scared by some left-wing propaganda machine (no, not the MSM-this time)and maybe was pressured by some business-boycott plan or something along those lines.

Exellent work as always.