Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Palin signs book deal

More great news. We got official word that Palin signed a book deal to release her memoirs. There have been numerous reports since the election that she signed book deals but they were all false until today.

I hoped she would write a book soon and early. Put her ideas out there in her words, and it will give MSM and voters a chance to let it all sink in for a few years. Of course I'm expecting MSM to rip it to shreds but that'll be done now, instead of in 2011 during the campaign. I'm very happy about this.

h/t from vigilant Northern Exposer at Conservative Jedi: Palin to Release Memoirs

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Northern Exposer said...

Thanks for the link, babe. And yes, I did get your email, thanks.

This IS great news. And you did make a point that I didn't think of: The left will rip her to shreds as I said, but yeah, it's better now than later. Of course they'll do it then too. But maybe it won't have as much sting by then.