Thursday, May 14, 2009

Palin weighs in on Miss California debate

I haven't mentioned anything about what happened with Miss California, Carrie Prejean. I was disgusted but not surprised that the Left attacked her because of her beliefs - which by the way, the majority of the country agrees with, especially in her home state, California.

Last night Palin made a statement through SarahPAC regarding this issue, and basically slam-dunked it.

The Fix
By Chris Cillizza
Palin On Prejean

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin re-appeared on the national stage tonight, jumping to the defense of a beauty pageant contestant who has been at the center of a media feeding frenzy in recent days.

"The liberal onslaught of malicious attacks against [Miss California] Carrie Prejean for expressing her opinion is despicable," said Palin in a statement. Palin added that she spoke to Prejean soon after the beauty queen said publicly that she believed she had lost the Miss USA competition due to her answer to blogger -- and contest judge -- Perez Hilton that marriage is between a man and a woman.

"What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe --- marriage is between a man and a woman," Palin added. "Our Constitution protects us all -- not just those who agree with the far left."

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Northern Exposer said...

If anyone knows about being attacked for her core principles, it's Sarah.
Good for her.