Thursday, May 7, 2009

When will I learn...

...not to be surprised at NRO's dislike of Palin? I swear this is like the 3rd or 4th time I've read and posted about a severely negative unwarranted ambush on Palin at NRO - the alleged bastion of conservative Republican thought.

This time it's from Steve Hayward, saying her speeches are too long. He even goes a step further saying they're "Castroesque." Great.

You could fit five of Reagan's state of the union speeches inside one of Bill Clinton's or George W. Bush's. (This means you, Governor Palin, whom I heard in Anchorage in March making a rambling hour-long speech that someone at my table rightly described as "Castroesque.") So try this out, GOP leaders: Shorter speeches. People will remember more of what you say, and want to hear you say more later. This really isn't rocket science. Heck, it isn't even political science.
Ironically, this was in a long piece regarding how the Right needs to defend and honor Ronald Reagan better against attacks like Jeb Bush made last week. Ironic considering Reagan is who Palin reminds most people of.

By the way, I would gladly take Hayward's place the next time he's been invited to one of Palin's speeches in Alaska. You know, since he hates them so much. I think it would be thrilling to attend her speech in person but that's me.

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Northern Exposer said...

It's not just you. I'd LOVE to be there to hear one of those speeches, too. If anyone of them are like her acceptance speech at the RNC, she can "bore" me all the live-long day.

The nerve of NRO. They're quickly losing my respect with some of the pundits over there that are supposedly conservative.

Bush=Hitler Cheney=Darth Vader and now Palin=Castro?

That's great. give the left-wing loons more ammunition. And these guys are supposed to be on our side.