Friday, June 26, 2009

The DNC Alaska Blogger

I'm aware of the latest thing the DNC's Alaska Blogger did. I've avoided mentioning her name, her blog and her actions, here on my blog. She's done several despicable things to the Palin family since the DNC charged her to join their cause of destroying Palin's life.

I will not describe the latest thing she did except to say that it was horrid. I don't want to give her any attention or clicks so I'm just ignoring and I hope others will follow. She feeds on negative enery and attention and I will not give her one ounce. Other Palin support sites have devoted mass amounts of time and energy writing about this woman and in my opinion that is just empowering her to do more destructive acts. This woman does more than just write a blog. She actually engages in real world actions that hurt Palin and in my opinion, that is sociopathic.

I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of her, but I will not mention her actions here. I'm ignoring her in hopes that she will stop. If something changes where I need to talk about her I will, but my current course of action is to ignore.

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