Friday, June 26, 2009

Katie Couric is sinking CBS, ratings fall to record low on CBS Evening News

I'm sorry I feel a little good about this. MSM is facing the music that when their darlings trash Palin, they end up alienating the general public. No matter how many awards from the MSM elite Couric won for her interview with Palin, the general public saw through the hit job that it was. And guess what? They still don't like Couric. They didn't much like her before the interview and certainly not now.

Couric received the all time lowest ratings ever in the history of CBS Evening News.

Couric, whose show had languished in third place since her CBS debut in September 2006, appeared to be poised for a renaissance [after the Palin interview].


But it hasn't panned out that way. While Couric's show has picked up more viewers, the Palin interview proved to be a high-water mark, a shooting star, for the nightly newscast.


Last week, only 4.9 million people tuned into the "CBS Evening News," marking the first time on record that the network recorded fewer than 5 million viewers.


Kae Gregory said...

Profits? That's so Bush era.

Nice place ya got here.

Adrienne said...

Thanks so much! :)

Northern Exposer said...

Amen. Couric is done.
The wheels of the bus go round and round.