Friday, July 24, 2009

Media and elites trying to put us in our place

I believe we're at a point where we won't let the MSM, democrats and the GOP elites tell us who to like, who to vote for and who to nominate. After seeing the breath of fresh air and shot of realism that is Sarah Palin, we won't let them derail us and lead us to another defeat. It was a long time coming and Palin was probably the straw that broke the camel's back in that regard. She was the one who inspired some to reaffirm their conservative beliefs, and to others to get behind a candidate 100% and support long after 2008 election loss.

The heads of MSM, democrats and GOP elites are exploding everywhere because of Palin and it's been kind of fun to watch. After years of telling us that we're stupid we're finally saying we don't have to take it anymore. Here's a novel idea for them: why don't we elect a "real person" instead of a "political player" as our forefather's intended? Below is a great article from American Thinker published today that explains this phenomenon.

American Thinker
July 24, 2009
Hating Sarah Palin - and Us
By Stuart Schwartz

Any way you look at it, it's us vs. them.

The media elite hate Sarah Palin with a passion -- the same passion they have used for decades to rant about us. We are the "primitive strain," the "booboisie," or, as The New York Times put it, the "Philistines." We are a people, according to Times columnist Maureen Dowd, that displays a "reptilian American desire " for prosperity and an innate disrespect for culture and our betters, who are the political and media elite that "must nurse us through our affluenza."

Welcome to Mainstream Media World, where Sarah Palin

Call it Palin Envy, Palin Derangement Syndrome or even Palin Jealous. But the irrational hatred pouring from a thousand well-fed mouths, dripping from manicured fingers, from the talkers and squawkers of mainstream media, is fueled by the increasingly angry certainty that we -- and Gov. Sarah Palin -- simply don't know our place.

Witness rabid Palin-hater Kathleen Parker, the Washington Post and National Review columnist who has scored regular guest status on MSNBC for finding more than a hundred ways to say Palin is dumber than a chimpanzee... which, Parker opines, shows how much "deadwood" "Miss Alaska" has between her "low-brow" ears. After all, her "oogedy-boogedy" Christianity doesn't recognize the primacy of the primate in human affairs, putting her "Clearly Out of Her League" amongst cultured folks.

You don't need the brains of a chimpanzee to recognize the gulf between the world inhabited by Palin and that of Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal, National Review), and David Brooks (The New York Times and National Public Radio) to name a few of the leading conservative lights of Mainstream Media World. To them, Sarah Palin represents the average U.S. citizen, who inhabits the American version of Bizarro World, the alternate Earth of Superman comics that was pledged to hate beauty and love ugliness; Bizarro inhabitants could achieve nothing without help from their betters.

Brooks says Palin is "a fatal cancer," representative of average America. And Brooks knows average America, which he describes from his perch in Midtown Manhattan as having a "trashy consumer culture" filled with those who live in the "vacuous realm of unreality." The denizens of Palin World -- us -- need to live a life of "contemplation" and be less "materialistic," he scolds. He expressed his disdain for the Alaska governor, "who scorn(s) ideas entirely," while dining at New York's Le Cirque restaurant (luncheon portion of spaghetti with tomato sauce, $28 -- no meatballs, too common; however, he was there for dinner and a larger portion, which begins at $98), which has "wined and dined high society in New York for half a century" and, praises the Times, makes its "regular customers feel pampered and important."

Time magazine all but giggled when Palin was interviewed after her resignation "while plucking salmon from the family fishing nets aboard a boat" on the ocean. And the giggles came from both left and right: On Fox, Dana Perino, who served as President George W. Bush's press secretary and now works for an A-list beltway lobbying firm, expressed dismay that a serious political player would handle fish... other than the kind that is smoked, nestled on cream cheese over toast points, and dotted with capers. Real players take the time to stage interviews, she pronounced, her blonde locks swinging and giggle dripping with gravitas.

They don't get it: Sarah Palin is not a real player, just as we're not real players. Like us, she's a real person. And real persons don't do staged. We simply live life, doing what we can to "pursue happiness" and help others. Service counts: Gov. Palin, for example, had programs to help Eskimos struggling with winter food shortages.


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