Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parnell's administration will deal with confidential leaks

Soon-to-be governor Sean Parnell released a statement today seeking to end leaks of confidential information in ethics probes, as what happened to Palin last week during an ethics violation investigation. It seems like these ankle-biters aren't satisfied with just filing frivolous complaints, they want to further abuse the system by leaking confidential, preliminary reports to the media. Shameful.

Parnell Seeks to End Information Leaks

Parnell Seeks to End Leaks of Confidential Information Asks Attorney General to Step In

(July 23, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska) - Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell today asked Attorney General Dan Sullivan to provide recommendations on how to prevent leaks of confidential information in ethics probes.

Parnell’s request comes after the leak of an investigator’s confidential and preliminary report related to an ethics complaint filed against Governor Sarah Palin.

“These leaks must stop,” Parnell said. “If we allow public officials to be tried and convicted in the press through abuse of the legal process, then the Executive Branch is at risk. The rule of law is threatened.”

Parnell said that leaking the investigator’s preliminary report is just like walking into a courthouse, lifting some notes from the jurors’ break room and publishing them before all the evidence is in and before a verdict is reached.

Parnell recognized the need for accountability for public officials, but said the ethics laws are being abused.


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