Monday, September 14, 2009

1.5 to 2 million march on DC!

What an inspiration! I watched Glenn Beck on Saturday cover this and it was one of the most inspiring events I've ever seen. I wish so much I could have been there.

I feel like we are at a HUGE moment in history. This is the moment where Americans take their freedom back. It almost feels like a revolution.

There are some great photos at Red State.

And where was Obama?? Listening to the people I'm sure, right? No, he left town and was shilling for the Obamacare bill in Minneapolis. I'm certainly glad he's on the pulse of what the American people want.

MSM is also trying to downplay the crowd size and marginalize the event. But one thing they can't say anymore is that it's an astroturf movement. I think 1.5 to 2 million is a VERY clear statement that this is NOT astroturf and we are not "right-wing terrorists."

This is about freedom, not about political parties. Freedom is what unites all of us and the 9/12 March underscored that. I tip my hat to them and can't wait to get involved in future tea party events.


9uy said...

I really hope America will wake up

Greg said...

On Sunday, 9-13, Organizing for America (0bama's outfit that has been incorporated into the DNC) staged a counter demonstration. After bombarding its 1 million members for months, they managed to get about 200 of them to show up. What a joke. I'm surprised the media didn't devote hours to their demonstration.

It should be noted that those who participated in the 9-12 event came from across the country out of concern for the future of the country. They didn't need a free concert, free food, or even the attraction of big name speakers. Plus, they paid their own way, and made their own signs.