Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Left is projecting again

Some of the most vile comments about Palin left in the comment section of places like ADN described Palin as "narcissistic," "craves attention," "can't stay out of the spotlight," "addicted to fame," "cares more about her popularity than the people of Alaska" and more.

But this weekend, their Dear Leader Obama will be a guest on five different news shows, with a final appearance on David Letterman's show on Monday.

As usual, the Left is projecting. The Obama-followers don't realize that Obama is the one who's addicted to fame, narcissistic and loves to see himself on TV and hear his own voice. He had two major primetime speeches this summer and also had the ABC health care primetime special. He's had so many speeches that Fox has finally stopped interrupting their primetime lineup for him because they're losing money. Even ABC news thinks that Obama is over-exposed.

The reason he does this is because he has no substance whatsoever. He has nothing to offer except the sound of his voice. He is a puppet whose campaign platform was "hope and change" with zero specific ideas on how to get anything done. And the voters fell in love with this "hope and change" rhetoric.

After McCain/Palin lost the election last year Palin hunkered down in Alaska and didn't make any appearances until the end of the congressional session. She was totally focused on her job and didn't give a whit about her "fame;" she only cared about doing what was best for Alaska. She accomplished so much when she got back, too. Because she has more to offer than lofty rhetoric.

The Left is projecting what they know is true about Obama onto Palin, which is a false projection. Palin is none of those things. While Obama is everything they accuse her of.

Political Punch
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ABC News Blog

Obama Over-Exposure?
September 16, 2009 8:33 AM

This Sunday, President Obama will be interviewed on five shows -- ABC News’ “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” CNN’s “State of the Nation”, CBS’s “Face the Nation”, NBC’s “Meet the Press” and Univision’s “Al Punto with Jorge Ramos."

It's a rare feat called "the Full Ginsburg." In modern media lore, the first time someone pulled a five-show feat was 11 years ago, in 1998, when Monica Lewinsky’s attorney William Ginsburg made the rounds to defend his client. Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, did a Full Ginsburg in 2007 after launching her presidential bid.

For both Ginsburg and Clinton, Fox News Sunday made the cut, and Univision didn’t. Such is not the case for President Obama; Democrats say the Fox News Sunday audience is largely entrenched in their opposition to the president, essentially unconvincible, and thus submitting to an interview might not be the best use of President Obama's time.

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Greg said...

I don't watch any of those shows, including Letterboy, and I don't know anyone who does. He'll most likely be singing to the choir. I can't think of any other president who has spent so much time away from DC. 0bama has essentially been campaigning for reelection since November. Since his election bid was officially launched in 2006, he, in effect, is introducing the country to the 6 year campaign cycle.