Monday, September 21, 2009

Developing story: Palin smear ads could be traced to Obama

Ace of Spades is again on the trail following the latest Breitbart uncovering of the culture of corruption in Washington.

Unfortunately I'm at work, and they block certain websites so I cannot see what happened with the NEA Conference Call. I believe what's going on is that certain people in very close proximity to the president could be caught spending federal money (through the NEA) on political ads for Obama. At least that's what I can gather. I'm not able to visit those sites to make sure and Ace is the only one I can see right now.

This is what Ace says:

September 21, 2009
HmmMMMM!: Winner & Associates Was on NEA Conference Call
A bit of backstory.

Before the election, My Pet Jawa found that very-professional style supposedly "grassroots" nasty hit job videos on Sarah Palin were being posted on YouTube.

He discovered that these were created by a Democrat-connected California ad agency named Winner & Associates.

The suspicion was that the ads had been created, covertly, with Axelrod's connivance, to create a fake "grassroots viral video" that couldn't be traced to Obama.

But it couldn't be proven. In the end it was smoke but no fire. A lot of smoke, and yet no smoking gun.

Ethan Winner confessed to making the video, but claimed he hadn't had contact with David Axelrod for ten years, it was all just something he felt like spending thousands of dollars on himself. As a goof.



What was a rep for Winner & Associates doing on that conference call?

You know, the one where White House official Buffy Wicks thanked everyone for helping them win the campaign?

I don't know about this yet -- I really do not know if I can say this significantly advances the case. Need to mull it.

But it sure seems... coincidental.

Please go to Ace to read all about this angle and the rest of the story.

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