Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What we know and what we can expect

I don't know if anything will come of Big Government's report that the White House was caught using the NEA for political ads for the Obama campaign. But for us Palin supporters what we know for sure is that Obama was caught creating Palin smear ads. He was caught making smear ads: (1) using a big PR firm; (2) the smear ads were made to look like they came from "grass roots;" and (3) it costs thousands of dollars, possibly tens of thousands to do it.

What we can learn from this is - Obama is a professional candidate. He will stoop to no low in getting elected. He's been deep in the trenches of ACORN for over a decade. He did the same thing to his opponents in Illinios in order get elected as a Senator.

Obama has deep pockets, friends in high places and a corrupt media that supports him. We have to expect more of these types of smear jobs if Palin continues to stay in the public eye or if she decides to run for any kind of public office. He works very hard to make sure nothing is traced back to him. This is only one tiny shred of evidence but it's something we can learn from.

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