Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interesting that Palin is going on Oprah Nov. 16

Palin is going to be on the Oprah show on November 16, to promote Going Rogue. I am so intrigued by this and wonder how it will turn out. We all know the history of Palin and Oprah from last year. Oprah went all in to help fellow Chicago resident Obama win the presidential election last year, even going so far as to produce an infomercial for him. Despite Palin's wild popularity Oprah didn't invite her on the show - which is fine, it's her show.

But now all of a sudden Oprah wants to give Palin a platform to promote her book. I'm skeptical. I know Oprah will be polite and nice. I don't think this will be a Katie Couric moment for her. I think she does have a shred of integrity left and wouldn't want to use her show for that purpose - to purposely make a guest look stupid. Although, if I remember correctly she embarrassed that writer who lied about his biography while he was a guest on her show - but that's a totally different situation. I do get the sense that Oprah is not a Palin fan by any means and doesn't respect her. I am riveted wondering what kind of questions she'll ask Palin.

Oprah obviously has the golden touch when it comes to endorsements and celebrities who go on her show instantly receive a certain legitimacy of their work that might take years to achieve otherwise - her endorsement of Obama is great example of this. It's interesting to think that Palin's appearance on the show might boost her popularity outside hardline conservative circles - which is what all the NR and RINO folks have been saying "she needs to do." But given Oprah's audience it might go the other way - they may continue to dislike Palin and also start to dislike Oprah for having Palin on.

No matter what we know that Oprah will achieve one thing - a massive boost in ratings. I know I'll DVR her show, which I never do. And I really will be excited to see how this turns out for both Oprah and Palin.


Northern Exposer said...

Great post. Although I do have to disagree with Oprah having much integrity left (at least politically) She did brazingly campaign for "The One" (and coined that particular phrase) and refused to have Sarah on her show during the campaign, while Obama was on twice (which her "people" now deny)

BTW, have you seen this?

Adrienne said...

You're absolutely right. I'm nervous about this interview. The only thing that's positive about it is the fact that Oprah's ratings are so low she needs a boost. If she tries to attack Palin or humiliate her in any way her ratings will go even further in the toilet so hopefully that will save this interview.

Thanks for the link. That is just disgusting. They really are desperate aren't they?