Thursday, October 22, 2009

No concerns, just lies

This post at the Corner got me thinking of how over a year ago the Left continually demanded that Palin should resign being the VP candidate because she had a family and needed to concentrate on being a mother and raising her kids. Their sexist excuse was because she had a 5-month-old special needs baby and his mother shouldn't be out working at job that would take away so much time from him.

And now, reading those sexist statements a year later you see that their “concerns” were all lies. When Palin did in fact have to resign because of attackers hell bent on destroying her career you would think the Left would say something like “she’s doing the right thing to protect her family.” Or “we continually wanted her to resign in order to take care of her family and now she’s doing it.” But no, they’re not about advocating for Palin’s children or her family or women in general. No, once she resigned all we heard from the Left was “QUITTER!!!!!”

So their feigned concern was nothing but an attempt to attack Palin. They don’t care about the message it says to women. They don’t care that they’re being hypocritical because they’re also attacking women on the Left with the exact same family arrangements as Palin. They don’t care that it makes the Left look like it’s stuck in the 1950’s as far as women’s roles in the work force go. The only thing they care about is destroying the Right, destroying conservatism and they know Palin is a huge threat to their goals. Their attacks, their "concern" was all about trying to destroy her any way they could. They will attack her no matter what she does.

As an aside, I get the feeling the Left has never underestimated Palin. They've never had doubts that she's a superstar with mass appeal, and they've never had doubts that she would be a great Republican president comprable to Ronald Reagan. That's why they keep on knocking her down, and go to extreme lengths to do so. And they are so effective with their attacks that the RINOs on the Right actually start to believe their lies. At least NRO seems to be turning the tide with their treatment of her recently.

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