Thursday, October 15, 2009

Limbaugh and Palin: brave conservatives in the Left's crosshairs

I’m sure you’ve heard about Rush Limbaugh’s desire to buy a portion of the St. Louis Rams and the subsequent fallout from that. I got a chill when I heard he was dropped from the financial group bidding on the team and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments about the matter. That makes two events in the past week that have made me feel like I was in the Twilight Zone and made my heart fall in my stomach – Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his two weeks in office and now this.

Do you get the feeling that the Left is “all in” at this point? This seems to be the moment they have been working toward for 50+ years. They have an ultra-left radical in the White House and a huge majority in both Houses. The corrupt media is completely in lock step with the radical left cause. The entire Left has abandoned any pretense of representing their constituency. They are All About moving their cause forward despite how idiotic they look, how embarrassing the circumstance is, losing the last shred of personal integrity they had. They will do whatever it takes, and that includes trying to destroy the careers of Limbaugh and Palin. It’s almost like there’s no going back for them now.
I’m just surprised it spilled over into the sports world. I was shocked at how fast sports media, the commissioner’s office and franchise owners spread lies, repeated lies and essentially blocked him from even trying. When Limbaugh, who is a successful businessman, wants to buy a portion of another business – he is shut down. Why? Because he’s a conservative. That’s it. They’re using “racism” as the excuse but that is not the real reason. Limbaugh is a conservative who has followers, power and money. He must be stopped according to the Left. They all collectively put the hit job out on him on his latest venture and they succeeded. Mike Wilbon the ESPN analyst (from Chicago!) immediately spewed lies cut entirely from cloth the day Limbaugh’s name was leaked. More “journalists” and athletes repeated the lies. The lies defamed Limbaugh so much that he was dropped, no longer able to purchase an NFL team. Let this be a lesson to conservatives everywhere: you can only go so far until the Left will try to destroy you, no matter what field of business you’re in. They did it to Palin and they’re doing it to Limbaugh: two of our fiercest conservative fighters.

This is creepy. Actually, it’s terrifying. There’s something wrong when a businessman cannot even further his business because of his political views. What happened to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? And we can’t say that it was because he’s racist, because the claim of racism was based on out and out lies. He is a conservative; that’s why he wasn’t allowed to buy the team. Period.

No matter how devastated Limbaugh is at this point there is a silver lining that came out of this. Limbaugh exposed the NFL for what it is: another haven for the Left in which they’ve completely taken over and use to destroy conservatives – just like academia, the movies, TV and news media. He’s also exposed Wilbon and the schmucks at ESPN who are just mouthpieces of the Left. Wilbon has become a Keith Olberman or Chris Matthews type “journalist” which means he abandons all integrity, lies to the public and pushes the Leftist agenda. If I lied at my job I would get fired but on the Left, lying is encouraged and rewarded. All these creeps are out of the woodwork now.

Figuratively, the Left’s foot is on the Right’s throat at this moment in time. The regular citizens like you and me need to stand behind the conservatives brave enough to try and establish a movement, the ones who try to regain some of our freedom and limit the role of government in our lives. Palin and Limbaugh both are hugely effective and have an immense following, which is why the attacks from the Left will not stop. It makes it all the more important for us to keep supporting them and stay strong.

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