Monday, January 25, 2010

NYT reporter accuses Palin of not being a good journalist

This is really rich. The irony is just too much. Mia Navarro, a New York Times reporter, weighed in on Palin's journalistic chops.

Exactly what does a journalism degree mean in the case of a politician whose often harsh views of her opponents and of controversial subjects are widely known? (Not to mention someone who has complained that she has been treated unfairly and felt injured by the "elite" media she now joins and has plenty of scores to settle?)

If you're a bleeding heart liberal, or even if you aren't, would you be confident that "Journalist Palin" would represent your own views accurately and fairly after an interview?
Navarro starts her article trotting out the ultra liberal talking points to smear Palin which are (1) continue to push the idea that Palin "complains about the media's treatment of her;" and (2) continue to push the idea that Palin has a score to settle with the McCain campaign aides.

Okay, glad that's out of the way. It's clear that Navarro has never listened to Palin's "complaints." If she had, she would know that Palin was indeed treated unfairly and continues to be treated unfairly by the corrupt media. Does she care? No. Her concern about the state of journalism is merely a coverup for a not-so-thinly veiled attack on Palin.

Back in the day when I attended journalism school, we were taught how to present the facts, and answer the "what, who, when, where and why," but that wasn't the most important lesson imparted. Above all was the sense of mission in delivering the news to the public in an impartial way so readers and viewers could make informed decisions by themselves.
I guess Navarro doesn't watch Chris "tingle" Matthews or the rest of MSNBC. I suppose she doesn't read her own newspaper, either. The lefty bias is so rampant in the media they are one in the same. It's not even worth mentioning because it's so obvious. The fact that Navarro used a column allegedly about journalistic integrity as a Palin hit piece proves my point.

Navarro seems to have no faith in journalism. She said that someone with widely-known political opinions would prevent someone from being a good journalist. Why? Presenting the news from an objective standpoint has nothing to do with personal views. A good journalist can do it, and do it well. Navarro should try it sometime. To be a journalist doesn't mean you have to be a robot with zero personal opinions. Sports reporters do it all the time - they have favorite teams they root for but present game analysis detached from that. Navarro is oblivious to this. Instead she just pushes the talking points that the rest of liberal media tells her. What a hack.

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