Thursday, January 28, 2010

Texas Gov hopeful Medina slams Palin - really?

Last week I posted my support for Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina's idea to eliminate property taxes. I still stand by that support but does she really think she's going to win over conservative voters by dissing Palin on - of all things - her clothes?
Debra Medina's campaign manager is quick to point out that the GOP hopeful isn't spending "Sarah Palin money" on clothes. Medina has spent just more than $2,000 in campaign donations on her wardrobe for the campaign, according to the Dallas Morning News. Palin, by contrast, spent more than $150,000 in her failed bid for VP.
I am so frustrated that candidates everywhere, in any state, use Palin as their measuring stick to gain votes. Palin is so popular that merely mentioning her name in connection with anything gets thousands of search engine results for them. What a cheap thing to do. I don't know who Medina's campaign manager is but he or she should be fired immediately for making that statement. A struggling conservative candidate should not throw another conservative under the bus. That's just going to turn off potential voters.

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