Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's dig at Palin and 2012 campaign slogan

While watching the SOTU last night with my husband I noticed a few times Obama said the word "quit." That is a buzzword for me and any other Palin supporters. Ever since she made her decision to resign from office the Left has accused her of being a quitter. They repeat that line constantly. When I heard Obama say it I immediately thought it was a subtle dig at Palin. My husband didn't think so.

His speech was definitely not a state of the union; it was a campaign speech. It was all about looking forward, glossing over any mistakes he made and generally propping himself up as awesome. Since the tone of the speech was campaign instead of presidential, I started to feel like it was campaign time again and how would Palin compete against him if they both had their parties' nominations.

Obama ended the speech with a loud, enthusiastic and rousing "We don't quit. I don't quit!" To me that was a clear campaign slogan for 2012. I can picture him running ads with the clip of him saying that. Obama will do everything to undercut Palin and destroy her before she can run for President. I have no doubt that his phrase was intended for her, like a warning shot. It was also a cue for his rabid supporters to contine with the "she quit" meme. My husband did not agree with me, but I still see it that way.


Bluedog Alaska said...

As someone who has lived in Alaska all of her life, I have to disagree with you.

Mrs. Palin did in fact quit her job. I don't see how any other interpretation is possible. She was hired by Alaskans to do a job, and she abruptly left her job for reasons that made no sense at all at the time.

Of course, it now seems clear to me and many, if not most, of my fellow Alaskans that she wanted to earn much more money and that she did not enjoy the work of governing. Now she makes a lot of money criticizing those who do govern.

Perhaps you would like to repeat her meme that she quit because citizens of Alaska were using an established process to file ethics complaints about her conduct as a governor. (Most of those complaints were indeed of concern to many Alaskans, and I would think she would have welcomed the opportunity to clarify the law and clear her name.

Along with many Alaskans, I have studied the spreadsheet her staff released that purported to itemize the expense of these ethics claims. It does not take an accountant to understand that by far the biggest expense was the one she incurred to evade the legislative inquiry she originally said she welcomed -- before McCain chose her, of course.

I understand that you support Mrs. Palin no matter what. No doubt you also don't see any credibility gap in her insistence that the president should be transparent even though she herself clearly used private email to conduct state business. (That incident alone was a good example of the difference between having ethics and following the law.)

In any case, it seems odd to complain that people say she quit when, in fact, she quit. It reminds me of her insistence that Walt Monegan was not "fired" but simply refused to accept a reassignment because she thought he had gone rogue.

However, I wish you the best in your support for Mrs. Palin, and I do indeed hope she is the Republican candidate in 2012.

Northern Exposer said...

Again, you hit the nail on the head. That will definitely be his next campaign slogan. Then again, maybe he using it now because he is indeed still campaigning, always looking for a fresh start to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate once again.

I also noticed that dig at Palin. It's funny that the Dems don't realize (or rather don't admit) that their rockstar was a constituional lawyer (obviously not a very good one since he knows jack about it contents) quit that to become a "community organizer" (what is that exactly-organizing picnics and making minorities hate their country?) quit that to become Illinois State Senator, quit that to run for President. Hoiw long before he (God willing) resigns from this job?

Adrienne said...

I think YOU hit the nail on the head, as you do every day NE. Thanks so much for your comment. I completely agree with you. The Left doesn't think anything applies to them.