Monday, February 1, 2010

SarahPAC raises $1.4mil in 6mos

Great news!! SarahPAC has raised $1.4 million in just six months and they have $900k cash on hand.

"We are thrilled. Common sense Americans know the direction we need to take this country and that Sarah Palin will be instrumental in taking us there this year. We look forward to the journey ahead!" Said Meghan Stapleton. Senior Advisor and Spokesperson.

They are solid fundraising numbers that show the Republican mega-star's organizational strength.

By comparison, fellow 2012 GOP nomination frontrunner Mitt Romney's PAC raised about $800,000 more for the year and Tim Pawlenty's PAC raised nearly $1.3 million in the last quarter of 2009.

However, Sarah PAC officials feel they did the majority of this while Sarah was writing her book and raised most of the money with the help of the Internet and small events.

"We are excited as we feel that we've just begun to tap the Governor's support. More than 14,000 everyday men and women contributed more than two million dollars to SarahPAC last year with little effort on our part. The money came in through the Internet and a handful of fundraisers and we are grateful for everyone's support." Said Tim Crawford, SarahPAC Treasurer.


Northern Exposer said...

You know what the funny and pathetic thing is? While she may not run for president in 2012, she will definitely be a part-a BIG part-of the reason the Republicans will take control of the White House, if not the Senate as well. Well, her and Obama's growing, yet predictable incompetence.

She stumps for someone and they usually win, Obama dies it and it's the kiss of death for their political career. She rallied the base since her national introduction an dwill continue to do so. And the left still won't take her serious, even after her book is flying off the shelves and she was right about the death panels.

Democrat downfall, thy name is Sarah. Man, I can't wait for the mid-terms.

Northern Exposer said...

Have you seen this? I posted about it and will ask you the same thing, is this the New York Times??

Northern Exposer said...

Please tell me you saw Sarah's Tea Party speech. By God it was awesome!!