Monday, March 29, 2010

Palin rocks the "house" at two huge events!! Continues to inspire...

It's been a busy and successful past few days for Palin!! She stumped for John McCain in Mesa, AZ last Friday where an estimated 4,000 people showed up to hear them both speak. The very next day she lent her star power to the Tea Party Express kickoff event in Searchlight, NV, and motivated the crowd of tea-partiers (some estimates at 25,000) to take back our country and "fire" Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Searchlight, NV is Reid's home town. The events were huge and I believe they shifted the momentum back to the Common Sense Conservatives and the movement to Repeal. She was able to direct the energy in a positive way, by continuing to focus on the November elections. Go Sarah!

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