Monday, December 20, 2010

At Redstate, Palin leads preferred pick for GOP 2012 candidate by a landslide

I read this at HillBuzz.
 Much praise goes to those guys at HillBuzz. They know certainly know how to run a campaign and read the inside story that most people are too oblivious to see. They noted that Erick Erickson, editor at Redstate, used to be pro-Romney, but has now started to openly support Palin in 2012.

But ever-present is Romney's quest for power and these online poll results, not matter how small an insignificant they seem to be, will sting Romney bad. He and his minions go online all day trolling conservative sites trying to pump him up and put Palin down. He is probably the #1 political insider who spreads nasty rumors and myths about Palin.

From HillBuzz:
I know this Redstate poll is just a poll on a website, but if the Romney Guys lose control of places like Redstate, Ace of Spades, and other conservative sites…it makes it that much harder for them to carry out their Romney 2012 plans because they were counting on lockstep support from the usual suspects to install this “it’s his turn!” candidate for the next presidential race.
I certainly hope so.

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