Saturday, December 18, 2010

Double standard re: crying in public

Palin draws attention to the fact that there's a double standard regarding crying in public for men versus women. In her Good Morning America interview she said she couldn't get away with crying the way John Boehner frequently does.

While Palin said she had "respect" for her fellow Republican's emotional side, she suggested he gets a "pass" because he's a man.

"I don't know if a woman would be given a pass necessarily. That's one of those things where a double standard is applied. I'm sure if I got up there and did a speech, and I started breaking down and cried about how important it is to me that our children and grandchildren are provided great opportunities, I'm sure I would be knocked a little bit for that."

But Palin said it was OK, since double standards only encourage women in politics "work that much harder" and "be that much tougher."
That is so, so true. Women in general, not just politicians, are not allowed to cry in public at all lest they be deemed hysterical, psychotic, hormonal, crazy, emotional and not a serious adult. But men crying in public is endearing and it doesn't take away their credibility in the least. It is a double standard and I'm glad Palin addressed this.

By the way, I left the quote I pulled from the Yahoo article as-is. I don't know why the author put scare quotes around the words "respect" and "pass." Just another example of bad/pathetic journalism. There's no need for scare quotes because Palin does have respect for Boehner and men do get a pass for crying. I can't believe these idiots get paid to write.

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