Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lesson for people who say "I like Palin, but she's unelectable"

Today Scott Brown announced that he is in favor of repealing DADT.
…Brown’s backing means that – on paper – supporters of the repeal have 61 senators in favor of the bill.
This is a lesson to everyone who says that Sarah Palin is unelectable. Scott Brown was certainly electable. He was the one with enough appeal to attract "moderates and independents." He was massively propped up by establishment Republicans and the Tea Party alike as a candidate for everyone. By the way, the fact that he failed to thank the Tea Party in his acceptance speech was a bad omen.

Now we see his true colors. He may have been against ObamaCare, but he seems pretty Left on everything else, even fiscal matters. Now his vote could mean a repeal of DADT - a vote that we all thought would go the other way. He's also said that he won't be in favor of repealing ObamaCare now that it's here.

This is a lesson to show us that "electability" means nothing! It does absolutely no good to elect these people when they vote against what we believe in. They won the election - so what? We sacrificed everything to get him there. We know Palin will vote the way we believe. We know she has conservative values. We can vote for her and if she wins the general election, great! If she doesn't, a Democrat will be in office. If we vote for a RINO who wins the general election, essentially a Democrat will be in office, too.

This is also a lesson to us regarding the MSM and RINO news outlets like NRO and The Atlantic. Scott Brown was the darling of those places, and to some extent, the MSM as well. He was the kind of candidate, like McCain, that the media loves to prop up. We need to learn our lesson so these mistakes don't happen anymore.

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Northern Exposer said...

Great piece and very astute. However, as much as I like her, I still say she should wait until 2016.