Thursday, December 16, 2010

New moonbat argument: "Palin was harming her kids by exposing them to Kate"

She can't win. Even when she *clearly* is a fantastic mother, her family is extremely close, she's very in tune with her kids, etc., the moonbats can't give her one ounce of credit. The new meme going around the internet the past few days is that Palin was exposing her kids to harm by camping with Kate Gosselin. They refer to when Kate asked Piper "you think this is fun?" as an example (the only example) of the "harm" she inflicted on the Palins. Yes, that was inappropriate to say to a child. However, as a parent, you don't ever think another parent is going to say something like that to your child. You assume that another parent, especially one who has eight kids and who you just invited to be a guest in your home, isn't going to act rude and nasty. But Kate did.

This was a lesson to be learned for the Palin children - they saw a grown woman throw a temper tantrum for something that was so insignificant it was embarrassing. They saw a grown woman force her kids to leave a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because she was cold. Piper was a fan of Kate + 8 before meeting them, and after she met them it's safe to say she's no longer a fan. That is another lesson: the stars you idolize could end up being something far different than you imagined them to be.

These lessons learned hardly mean that Palin is a bad parent. Quite the opposite. Kate Gosselin is not harmful in any way and "exposing her kids to Kate" is not harmful in the least. These crazy people need to get a life.

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