Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Palin is a genius for featuring Kate Gosselin on Sarah Palin's Alaska

Ever since she was announced as McCain's VP pick, Palin has been compared to Kate Gosselin by deranged PDS sufferers. They say she's just a mom who is trying to be famous like Kate. They say she seeks the limelight while other people raise her kids, and that she uses her kids as props like Kate. They say both try to make themselves look like good moms but are really phony divas who don't take the time to educate their kids. I've also heard them say that electing her would be like electing Kate Gosselin.

I was a little nervous when I heard that Kate would be featured on Sarah Palin's Alaska. I thought Palin would be selling herself short by hanging out with her. But I soon found out once again that this was brilliant strategic move by Palin. By standing side by side with her, people can see the gigantic, grand canyon of a stark contrast between the two.

Kate proved herself to be the phony, rude diva she is. Viewers could see that Palin is a great mom who knew exactly how to entertain the kids. She also loves her kids more than life. Kate was shown in her full temper tantrum glory by complaining, making rude comments about her hosts' home, and throwing food on the ground that she deemed unacceptable to her. Worst of all, Kate paid no attention to her children while Sarah, her brother, father, Willow and Bristol (who was there but wasn't shown) played with Kate's kids and did fun kid stuff with them. Kate's kids had a fantastic time while Kate pouted under a tent. Kate yanked her kids from the campsite when they were having fun. It was awful. Kate missed out on a great educational opportunity for her kids because of her own diva-ish behavior. Palin, on the other hand, takes every opportunity to give her kids a geography or life lesson, which she did in this episode. Palin also mentioned that Kate's kids stayed with a nanny. That comment stands alone in contrast to Palin, who never has needed one despite having five kids, a career and a young child with Down Syndrome.

Kate told Sarah "you're really going to stay here seriously?" meaning she thought that they were going to play for the cameras for an hour or so before packing up and heading to a 5-star hotel. Sarah responded "yeah" like duh, of course I'm going to stay here. That showed the haters that yes, Sarah really is an outdoor person. She really does camp with her family. It's not just an image she created.

Now no one can say they are alike. Palin can point out how different they are because it's all captured on film. Anyone who tries to maintain that Palin and Kate are like peas in a pod will be slapped down immediately. So, having her on the show actually did more to open the eyes of people who might not have liked her before. Brilliant move.

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