Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A good thing about Obama being in office

Is that he's forcing true conservatives to take a stand. Conservative heroes are coming out of this movement and being recognized for the amazing leaders they are. There have been several but the ones that come to my mind are Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and now most recently Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Walker called out union thugs and now has called out Obama himself. Good for him! Because Obama is so extreme he ends up drawing lines in the sand and forces us to pick a side. Because with him, there is no compromise; there is no middle ground. It's his way or the highway. Which has turned out to be a good thing to bring these good leaders to light and expose the ones with no guts.


Northern Exposer said...

Exactly. But don't forget Allan West. He's going to go far. How will the left berade a conservative black man without showing their true racist colors? I'd love to see Chris Tingle stumble over that one.

Adrienne said...

I haven't forgotten about him! I love him. He's awesome. And I think he'd make a great VP and President some day. Yeah, and Chris Tingle's spin would be hilarious.