Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A diamond (quote) shines through the muck

Since Karl Rove has busted on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, he's become the new darling of the corrupt MSM. In this trashtastic article by New York Magazine, the author praises Rove as a campaign architect that any GOP hopeful would be grateful to have on their team (yeah right). His dream candidate? Jeb Bush. Ok, please gag me now. This is a dumb article with an even dumber premise, but there was one golden nugget to take away from it, a quote by Palin's Chief of Staff:
 “Of all the potential candidates, Governor Palin would no doubt be the one desiring new energy and ideas,” says her chief of staff Michael Glassner, “and, refreshingly, hiring advisers who aren’t entrenched in any political machine.”

To me this is a clear indication that she is keeping her options open to run. First, she tips readers that she has a Chief of Staff. Not news to Palin supporters like me, but it is news to the daily readers of NY Mag. If she were just a private citizen cashing in on speaking engagements and playing kingmaker, she wouldn't need an organized staff of that caliber. Second, Glassner refers to her as a potential candidate. That is a generality, yes, but it's distinct in the fact that if she weren't running, she probably wouldn't have bothered to comment on the article, much less be referred to as a potential candidate. Third, her campaign slogan for Governor was "New Energy for Alaska." Saying she "desires new energy" in this quote is like a little hint to her supporters. Fourth, hiring advisers/appointing cabinet members who aren't entrenched in the political machine will be a major campaign theme. She really can change Washington based on the fact that she's not a Washington insider and that she fought Alaska's corrupt insider system and won! To me, this quote is golden and reads like a wink-wink that she is firmly planning to run. The way it's delicately worded also carves her out of the field of potential candidates by saying she's "the one" (only one) who is not going to play by politics as usual.

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