Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Michelle Obama's middle finger to America

I don't have to dig up a bunch of news stories to tell you that Michelle Obama has been seen in the news eating short ribs, hamburgers, fries and ice cream extensively. News stories don't just pop up out of nowhere. This is a concentrated effort to show that Obama has been gorging herself in public on extremely unhealthy foods while at the same time using her First Lady status to regulate what we eat. I have a theory on this phenomena.

Obama knows how hypocritical she looks, but she doesn't care. She wants everyone to see how she's living. She wants you to know that she indulges frequently on the exact same foods she is forcing telling us not to eat. Why? She's flipping us off. She's chipping away at our most basic freedom - to decide as human beings what to eat. It's a slap in the face to our democracy. She's acting like royalty, like a Queen who indulges in every whim while her subjects starve. She's playing out this little fantasy and taking it to dangerous extremes. Because she hates the freedom we have as Americans. She hates that anyone can eat an ice cream cone anytime they want. She wants the satisfaction of eating ice cream knowing that everyone else can't, and she wants us to look at her with envy. Basically saying "I can eat these foods but you can't," which is not far from her and her husband's thinking on most things: "I can have whatever healthcare I want, but you're going to have the healthcare we give you." "I can have guns, but you can't. "I can ride in a limo, but you need to ride a bicycle." "I can go on extravagant vacations to Spain, Vail and Martha's Vineyard, but you need to stay home and keep working and give your extra money to the State," and on and on and on. The Obamas LOVE to be living symbols of their ideology. We just need to see them for what they are.

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Northern Exposer said...

Yes. She is quite transparent isn't she? I loved how the lefty media didn't even touch on the SuperBowl menu after all her brazen comments on what everybody else shouls eat.