Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Left standing on the necks of women and minorities

Have you ever voted for your local elections such as mayor, city council, etc. and not known who the candidates are? Have you ever driven by political signs that say "Joe Smith for City Council Seat 1" and you didn't know which party the candidate belonged to? This is bad, but if the candidate is a woman and I don't know which party she belongs to, I always assume she's a liberal. It's a knee-jerk reaction. I shouldn't have that reaction being a Palin supporter and woman myself who agrees with her. I know many women who love Palin, more than those who don't. So why do I get this reaction?

Because the women's movement and liberal feminists like Hillary Clinton and Oprah have brainwashed us all into thinking that women must be liberal or else they "aren't women." Yes, many feminists accused Palin of not being a woman since she is a conservative.
The result? Since most of America is conservative, that means conservatives won't vote for women because if they don't know them, since they'll assume she is a liberal and therefore not vote for her. I know it's bad to not know your candidates, but sometimes it's impossible to keep up with local politics. They're not as accessible and sometimes city and county lines are blurred. My point is the same: conservative women have to be very outspoken about their viewpoints or else people will assume they're leftists. Conservative women won't get elected otherwise. This keeps the Leftist cycle going.

The same with minorities and gays. The Left has adopted these groups and have labeled them "not ___" if they are conservative. They undermine their very identity if they are conservative. The result is the same as with women: the larger public assumes minorities and gays are Leftists. They create a separation. Politically, there's no difference between a gay conservative, straight conservative, female conservative and black conservative. The Left hates that. They don't want conservatives to unite based on their ideology. They want to divide conservatives by attacking minority groups based on their identity. The Left's main goal is to promote wealth redistribution and socialism at all costs. I pity the women, minority groups and gays who have fallen for their mind games.

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