Thursday, March 10, 2011

Proof that corrupt media will tear down any GOP nominee

Last night I was watching "Conan," the new late-night talk show hosted by Conan O'Brien. In the opening monologue he made a "joke" about Newt Gingrich and his adulterous past. Gingrich is currently exploring his options for running for president.

This appears to be the way they will attack Gingrich if he decides to run. This "joke" was like a trial balloon for the new JournoList. It also fits into Alinski rules quite well. Attack a candidate personally instead of on the issues. Ignore all his policy ideas; ignore the fact that Gingrich has admitted and apologized for his adultery - just keep harping on that one thing over and over. Remember when they wouldn't shut up about how many cars and houses the McCains have?

This is proof that any GOP candidate no matter who it is, will be attacked and systematically dismantled by the corrupt media. Don't fall for the "she's unelectable because of Tina Fey" excuse for Sarah Palin. If not Palin, they'd be making fun of any other GOP candidate. Gingrich hasn't even formally announced that he will run and they're already attacking him. This is going to be a very tough race.


Northern Exposer said...

Right. That's the problem. Unfortunately people who pay attention know she's not what the left makes her out to be. Most people don't trust the media anymore, so they know the Couric's, the Williams', the Sawyers, the disgraced Rathers' et al are liberal media hacks that couldn't ask fair questions to a conservative if their pathetic lives depended on it.

A Republican nominee could cure cancer, or bring about world peace and all the left would ask is, "Why didn't you do it sooner?" or "What are YOU getting out of this?" Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

Although Newt did certainly give a lame excuse as to why he had an affair, we know, we KNOW if Obama or Carter or especially Clinton had said that they'd throw a party for them orgasming over how patriotic they are.

Adrienne said...

Yes, they would totally do that. I don't condone Newt's past nor his justification for it. I just hate the double standard for republicans vs democrats with everything.

Northern Exposer said...

Oh, I hear ya.