Thursday, May 5, 2011

Showing the photo to congress just smacks of "ruling class"

Yesterday OBL's death photo was shown to select members of Congress and the Senate. They all spoke to the press and reiterated that the photos are real and provide confirmation of OBL's death.

Well in that case, why don't they show it to the rest of us? Who exactly is working for who here? This just smacks of political elitism and that the Washington beltway insiders consider themselves our betters and rule over us. It's like they're saying "you unwashed masses aren't allowed to see it, but don't worry the photos are real; oh and by the way, shut up and stop asking us for them."

There was a reason the Bible was translated to English and church services stopped being conducted in Latin. It's because everyone is equal and deserves to have access to the same information so they can make their own decisions and form their own opinions. This administration not allowing access to the proof of OBL's death is denying us the basic freedoms that are written in the Constitution, in my opinion.

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