Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The "flake" Michele Bachmann

I'm sure you've all heard Chris Wallace asking Michele Bachmann if she's a flake. When I first watched it my knee-jerk reaction was being offended on Bachmann's behalf. The fact that no one would ask that question to a man, even a flakey man. Bachmann kept saying she's a "serious person" in defense of the question. Then it started to sink in a little. I thought about it more and realized that was pretty out of character for Chris Wallace. I started thinking something else was going on.

Later that night (yes, I'm way too obsessed with this stuff) I remembered how months ago Mitt Romney said that Sarah Palin was not a serious person. Bachmann used the same exact words to defend herself. It makes me think Bachmann may be a stalking horse for Romney, and maybe even perhaps angling for the VP slot if he wins the nomination. I read HotAir regarding this issue and some of the commenters noted that Bachmann has been making herself out to be the darling of the Left-wing news outlets such as MSNBC and CNN. I didn't know that since I never watch those networks. It appears that she's pumping herself up to be the "media pick" such as John McCain last year.

On to Chris Wallace. I didn't write about this earlier because I thought it was just too much "background" to get into on this blog, but Bachmann has hired notorious Palin-hater Ed Rollins as her 2012 campaign manager. Several weeks ago Rollins was going around MSNBC saying that Palin was stupid and that Bachmann is smart and "every bit as attractive" as Palin - barf. Why she would hire such a misogynist is beyond me, but it's crystal clear that she hired a Palin hater to do her dirty work trashing Palin while she can be in the background above it all just like Obama and his cronies do. Now to the point - I think Chris Wallace asked the "flake" question to take her down a peg for what Rollins said about Palin. She'll have to prove that she's more intelligent in her own words. He's not going to let her get away with trashing Palin behind her campaign manager. It's like he's giving her a tiny taste, maybe 1/10,000th of the pain that Palin continues to go through in the media.

This is all just my opinion, and it may be all conspiracy, who knows. When one is obsessed with follows politics like I do, you tend to read way too far into things. Anyway, I think the "flake" question was very well-played by Wallace to expose the trash that Bachmann associates herself with, and it exposed her as the lightweight she is. Considering she didn't accept his apology right away and whined about it for almost two straight days shows she can't stand the heat in this kitchen.

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