Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry 2010 campaign memory

I know this isn't very substantive, but I wanted to post this memory I have of Rick Perry's 2010 gubernatorial campaign. I was at Palin's book signing for Going Rogue, which was in December of '09. I got in line very, very early in the morning and just waited with the others until 9am when the doors opened. While waiting, a horde of Perry '10 campaign volunteers descended upon us wearing matching shirts. They walked through the line and asked each person if they supported Rick Perry for Governor in 2010. I was in the second portion of the line and watched them until they got to me. When a person answered "yes" they would ask if that person wanted to sign up to be a volunteer. If that person didn't want to be a volunteer they would press and ask why not, and badger them until they submitted their name, phone number and email address. If a person said they did not support Perry then they would badger and pester and ask them why not. They would say "he's friends with Palin and she supports him." They were UBER annoying. When they got to me I just said "yes" because I didn't want to be bothered with explaining why I didn't. I refused to sign my name, though. The guy next to me said no he didn't support Perry because he didn't think anyone should have three consecutive terms in office.

The worst part was that the same horde of volunteers went through the line again about two hours later and asked everyone again and we all had to repeat our answers. It was infuriating. They were pushy and aggressive. My take on the general consensus of the people waiting is that no one really supported Perry. Despite knowing Palin supported him, we were all just kind of "meh" and over him. I don't really think there's a lot of Texas support for him and Palin's endorsement STILL confuses Palin supporters. Perry is not the conservative Texas hero that outsiders are making him out to be.

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