Monday, July 11, 2011

Palin's Newsweek cover and article

     A good read and pretty fair article. They get some jabs in here and there, and heap praise on Obama, but it's still pretty fair. As we know, Newsweek is floundering financially. They need a boost to remain on the market and solvent. They can't afford to do a hit piece because even Newsweek is smart enough to know how popular Palin is. I take their fair tone with a grain of salt. They're not going to offend the last of their dwindling readers yet; I'm sure they'll wait until much closer to the election to go all in for Obama no matter the cost.

But I will say that this article will be very good for Palin's image. For those who say that Palin never speaks to anyone outside of Fox News. For those who are on the fence, and for those who are reading Newsweek in waiting rooms and lobbys throughout the country. In other words, those who are outside of the conservative blogosphere and not already die-hard Palin supporters. I think this article is a great stepping stone to position her nationally as a competitor against Obama, not just other Republicans.

This article addresses the most worrisome part of her campaign and her career - the decision to step down as Governor. Newsweek did a great job handling the nuances of that decision, even for a left-wing magazine. I think people who didn't really know all the issues surrounding that decision will be better informed about it after reading this. And that's what I was hoping for - that the general public would understand her decision and look at her career and life as a whole, not just this one part of it. The resignation doesn't define her. And in order for that to happen more pieces like this need to come out. It's a truth that I don't like to admit. But the corrupt media has a stranglehold on our country. Not many people are going to suddenly wake up and be conservative out of nowhere. They either need to have a knee-jerk reaction to something they vehenmently disagree with, or they change their mind slowly over time. Those whose minds change slowly over time do it by reading articles like this.

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