Friday, October 7, 2011

Who will take this country back?

Maybe I'm a little too depressed today, but I'm really starting to think that no one is going to be able to take this country back. For the past three years we've all said that we can't afford a second Obama term. Obamacare will go into effect, we'll be trillions more in debt, more judges and czars appointed, etc. It was imperative that we elect someone in 2012 who could undo everything Obama has done.

It was an enormous task, but we had the strongest fighter with a proven record who we could put our faith into and work with to get it done. Now that she is out, it makes it really hard for me to stay in, too. It's hard not to think that Sarah is telling us it's a lost cause. I know, I know, I'm being way too negative right now and need to think of the bigger picture. But still. The Tea Party was my hobby. Supporting Sarah was my hobby. I took time away from my family to participate. With Sarah stepping back and saying that she needs to be with her family, that she's not willing to lead, then maybe I need to take a step back as well.

I'm being "Negative Nancy" right now I realize this. I'm not usually this way. But in my opinion there is literally no one who could change our country for the better like Sarah could. Even the strongest conservative doesn't have her bonafides and her ability to fight corruption and win. I'm starting to think that it's inevitable that our country will descend down into socialism and there's nothing we can do to stop it. We're too outnumbered. Yeah, I know her political career isn't over. She could be elected president when she's 65 and that would be great, but where does that leave us now, in 2012? Where will our country be in 20 years when she could come back?

I need to get outside and get some air. Sarah not running has changed my perspective on a few things. I'm being WAY too negative about our prospects.


n4cer said...

what if,

Northern Exposer said...

Welcome back!

There are a few who could take the country back. Allen West, Herman Cain, maybe even Ron Paul (contitutionally-wise) but the media simply won't let it happen. As you've seen, even if the Republican is black, he's still an "out of touch bigot" or "in bed with big oil," you know, like Dems aren't. Anyone who criticizes a black Republican isn't a racist, they're just concerned Americans.

Occupy Wall Street with all those hippie offspring still doling on their parent's dime are "revolutionary, concerned, patriotic Americans" while the Tea Party are...well, you know.

First we have to take the media back. If they aren't taken to task for their bias and misinformation, almost no Republican, be it white, black, Asin, Hispanic, or Venetian will be given a fair shake.

Clarence Thomas is a womanizer while Bill Clinton is repsected. Barack Obama is a brilliant linguist (Corpsmen, what's that Austrian word?) while Bush was an idiot. Kennedy was graceful, while Ford was a klutz and so on.

Until tenure for university is a thing of the past, no student of such institutions will be accurately informed of the world around them. Until the real racist history of the Dems is truly exposed (which is easily researched and documented) the complete and udder lies of the left will continue unabated.

Adrienne said...

LOVE your comment, Northern Exposer! I agree with you. We need to take the media back. That is something that can be done with a lot of work and organization. I think tenure is here to stay unfortunately, but maybe kids will grow up smarter and not buy into the bs. I like Allen West, and the others you mentioned, too. Right on! I pray voters will be able to see past the biased media in 2012.