Thursday, October 6, 2011

What money?

I saw an idiotic comment on a "conservative" blog this morning that said:

"Now we know what her bus tour was all about - $$$!"

What money did she make off her bus tour? Did she sell tickets? No. I only saw her encouraging people to visit cities and landmarks that played an important role in our country's history. Was she promoting her books? No. Her books have been out for years and whoever wanted to read them has already done so.

I hate this argument that Palin stayed in for the money. People who say that never knew her, never stood with her, and in my opinion have let their minds wander to a very dark place. Sarah Palin was the person telling us that money and power corrupt; she wasn't part of that corruption. She was trying to fight it. She was never in it for the money. Get a grip you "conservative" haters.

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