Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let’s send a message to the Republican Party

I’m still over the moon about Sarah’s PAC. I can’t tell you how good this will be, in my opinion, for the Republican Party. Recently, the direction and leadership of our Party has left many disenchanted and bitter. Many of us are a little slower in trusting its leadership after last year’s election results.

This is a Party that nominated John McCain, John McCain, as the nominee in the Presidential election. Leftists believe that Palin was the one who lost the election for McCain. The opposite is true. Palin is the only reason many Republicans even voted. Palin was the reason many Republicans thought the ticket was viable, and had a shred of fundamental Republican ideals represented by her being there. Two weeks ago, the Philly Inquirer stated that McCain’s desire to secure his place in history will lead him to vote with the Democrats (even more than he usually does), so he can have the image of a true bipartisan working with President Obama. His exploits in helping to secure Hillary Clinton as SoS, despite many Republican’s apprehensions, forced noted conservative Jim Geraghty to say the unthinkable, that it was better Obama won the election than McCain.

This year’s Republican National Committee Chair race has been full of backstabbing, infighting and nasty rumors. Reports of the race say it has been “acrimonious” and “the dirtiest ever.” It appears that Republicans are better at fighting with each other than fighting the Democrats. Since he lost the race for the nomination, Mike Huckabee has been taking shots at Palin and Mitt Romney. RINOs are everywhere representing us in Congress, Senate, Governors and even some Republican news outlets. The Party is in disarray, fighting with each other and going more and more to the center.

Palin’s PAC helps us get away from all of this. Those of us who stand for fundamental conservative Republican principles can donate money to SarahPAC instead of the RNC. Her PAC will support “local and national candidates who share Gov. Palin’s ideals and goals for our country.” Money is how we can shift the Party from the center to the Right. Even if she doesn’t run for President, Senator or Governor, the money will go to candidates anywhere in the country who share her views. There are many leaders in both parties who, for whatever reason, can’t run or don’t run at certain times. But raising money now will provide funding for candidates who can and do run, who also share the same views. This is a win-win all around in my book. It will send a powerful message to the RNC that our money is going to support a conservative Republican, who believes in smaller government and less government spending. Wherever the money goes, the ideas will follow.

We nominated a moderate/center Republican for the Presidential race and where did that get us? We lost the election because of it. We tried to “centerize” our Party by electing RINOs in the House and Senate and where did that get us? We now have a filibuster-proof Democratic-led House and Senate. I believe we’re at the bottom, the lowest you can go, as a Party. We need to act and elect more people like Palin, even if it’s not her, candidates like her. It’s a way to take back the Party and say that we don’t need the RINOs of the RNC, or the leftist media, to determine what we believe in.

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