Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I think Sarah will run in 2012

After the 2008 election, Palin went back to work immediately to Alaska. The legislature was in session and she focused completely on her work as governor. She did not make any national appearances save for the John Ziegler interview for Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected.

It was a cold few months where we didn't really have anything to report except for her accomplishments in Alaska, and I was a little worried that she just wanted to maybe run for governor again, but that was it. No presidential run. After getting burned so badly personally by MSM and the McCain staffers, it seemed like she was kind of forgetting about the national scene for awhile.

But ever since the legislative session ended, she's been setting the world on fire. It's pretty clear that she strictly wanted to do her job well and was completely focused on that. Now that the session's over she has the time to do other things and she's been using that time wisely and effectively.

She has yet to comment on her political aspirations, either as running for re-election as governor or president. But I think she will run in 2012 based on a few things.

Below is a list of the reasons *I* think Palin will run - in no particular order - and my thoughts behind them.

*She signed a book deal for a political memoir that will be released in late 2010/2011. A perfect opportunity to express her views in her own words so people can get to know her better before the election. A great opportunity to show her foreign policy expertise and de-bunk the stupid MSM lies about her.

*She uses Facebook and Twitter, and has two Blackberries. She's showing everyone that she's not a "chillbilly hick from Alaska;" she's adept at all the different forms of digital communication and filtering information. She updates them regularly and appropriately.

*She makes articulate statements on national issues that are not related to Alaska, but would give voters a chance to know "what does Sarah think about this?" For instance she made statements on George Tiller and William Long. In these situations I see Palin acting as the party leader. I want Michael Steele and our popular Republican Senators and Governors making statements like this where they can steer the party, in a way. So far, not many leaders have stepped up to bat and it looks like Palin is taking it upon herself to do so.

*She used Letterman's "joke" as an opportunity to improve how women are treated on a national level. She put the spotlight on how young teens and women's sexuality are still fair game for comedic fodder and her eloquent points convinced a lot of people that Letterman was wrong. She could have not responded at all, but she did and actually went beyond that by making it a national issue - testing the waters if you will. She also sent a strong message to those who attack her children, that she will not back down as they want her to. She fights back.

*During her speech introducing Michael Reagan, she discussed her naysayers at length. I urge you listen to that audio if you haven't already. She made this statement without hesitation, almost as if she had been waiting years to say it: "Those are the folks who want to tell me, they want to tell you, to sit down and shut up. We will not do that. I just can't, because I love my state. I love my country." After everything hurled at her this is what she says "I will not sit down and shut up." She is one strong woman who loves a challenge, loves to fight for what is right and doesn't let anyone walk all over her. I think she sent a strong message to the Democrats and to her "fans" if you will by saying that. She's going to run.

*During the Hannity interview she repeated the line that she will not sit down and shut up.

*She's been going on national TV shows, radio and cable shows, expressing her views without fear, without hesitation, with a TON of great information and political views. She went on Hannity (which wasn't a hard-hitting interview I realize, but still) and hammered out her opinions one by one in an intelligent manner. There was no "uh, uh, uh," there was no teleprompter. She went on the Today show and just cut Matt Lauer to pieces and told him point blank he was naive. She has a platform and she uses it well. She doesn't do the typical politician response of not really answering any question. She's putting herself out there as a real person, not a skeevy politician just trying to get votes.

*The "elite" RINOesque front runners, Huckabee, Romney and Mitch Daniels (Gov. of Indiana), have been given massive airtime from MSM and "elite" right-leaning media - and have pretty much epically failed. Romney posts on The Corner almost every other week, writes op-eds for various newspapers, and rarely says anything of substance. Huckabee has his own show that I don't think anyone watches. Mitch Daniels is the latest person they're telling us is the best thing since sliced bread and was given the cover on a recent issue of National Review. From what I read he seems like kind of a typical politician.

The problem with them is that they're all so entirely "meh" and forgettable. I'm sure they would be great presidents, but I'm really not enthusiastic about them in the least. Palin on the other hand, everyone knows from the campaign and can't get enough of her. She's the opposite of those guys when it comes to charisma and public speaking ability. 20,000 people showed up to Founder's Day in NY to hear her speak. She's getting people so excited about 2012 they literally can't wait to vote for her. Supporters are giving tons of money to her PAC so she'll have enough capital to run. She doesn't even have to ask, they just do it. So among the "leaders" she's miles ahead of them.

And finally...

*Her faith. She has faith in God's plan for her, that God is protecting her family. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but her faith seems to guide her in a way that gives her the strength to fight these battles and people who are constantly trying to take her down. I don't know how else to explain it.

*Her love of her country. She has obviously said many times how much she loves her country. She loves freedom. She appreciates the sacrifices made in order to preserve freedom and she said she does what she can to maintain our freedom. She uses her unique gifts to serve her country in her way.

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